zaterdag 21 april 2012

video of the day

Video of the day :-)
Vandaag is het een leuk liedje en heel vrolijk.
Iedereen kent het zeker!
Wil jij ook liedje opdragen aan iemand? reageer dan♥
michel telo  
ai se eu te pego

Groetjes Topanga x♥

Schrijfsters! HELP!

Ik zoek schrijfsters voor op deze blog! 
Wil jij een schrijfster worden! zeg het dan in men gastenboek of reageer

Wat moet je zoal doen:
  • Je moet min 1 keer per week iets posten ♥
  • je mag kiezen over wat je het hebt.
  • Maak geen eigen reclame voor je doll. (en anders moet je het vragen aan mij!)

Als je schrijfster wil worden heb je wel een eigen banner nodig en moet je wel al iets weten over schrijfster zijn (;
Groetjes Topanga ♥

One direction Vs Justin Bieber

Ik ga een poll opstarten! 
Tussen: One direction vs Justin Bieber.
Wie vinden jullie de beste? One direction? Of Justin Bieber?
One direction
Justin Bieber
Groetjes Topanga x


Sorry I'll get my blog back in Dutch writing. Because in English, I am really bad. It ispositive for the dutch.
Ik Ga dus weer in het Nederlands schrijven. Omdat engels echt te moeilijk is ben er zo slecht in!
Sorry x

Special Shoes♥

Today we talk about 'special shoes' Like they have something?
The most of the things is 'Gaga styl'
Greetings Topanga x

Free Candy Necklace

Do you like candy? I do♥

Please make sure you have at least one published Starmovie before you go ahead reading this. 

If you are from Finland, log in to Stardoll, click HERE, select one of your Starmovies and click 'Enter competition'. The necklace should be in your Beauty Parlor.
If you are from anywhere else, you'll have to use a manual proxy (How? Click HERE).
Web proxies don't work with this kind of contests.

This one worked for me:
IP:    Port: 3128
OR click HERE for more.

After setting the manual proxy, go to this link:

Hit Enter and log in to your account. Once you log in, select a Starmovie and click 'Enter competition'. You can now get rid of the manual proxy. The necklace should be in your Beauty Parlor.
Greetings Topanga x

Free 'I love Turkey' Top

The contest seems to be available for ALL the countries. Go to this link:

Answer the quiz and click 'Enter competition'. The top should be in your suite.

Greetings Topanga x

Free Party Wig

If you are from Finland, log in to Stardoll, click HERE, select a photo and click 'Send to competition'. The wig should be in your suite.
If you are from anywhere else, you'll have to use a manual proxy (How? Click HERE).
Web proxies don't work with this kind of contests.

Bleu hair♥
Greetings Topanga x

donderdag 19 april 2012

I'm sorry...

Hey girls!

Most of you all, know me, but maybe someone not?
So, I am a writer on this blog, for a long time.. but I'll never send a post or something on this blog.. That is becouse I'm the last time not anymore on Stardoll, sometimes maybe.. And I have mutch homework everyday.. So, I have no time for you ..  I'm sorry!

Hopefully you understand ? :(

xxx kenarie

ariana grande (Hollywood)

Every week / day I will have about a famous person.
This week is about Ariana Grande
She was born on: June 26, 1993
she lives in LA
She is an actress, model and singer.

You know her  firmVictorius

her song: 

Ariana Grande - Put Your Hearts Up

Greetings Topanga
Next week more. x

hotbuys polka top

There is a new hb :)
Like a fine?
Greetings Topanga x


 I'm looking for staff for this blog!

Are you handy with computers? and how much of fashion and stardoll?
Then you can start!
What to do:
Set out below what you want to do on the blog and your name on stardoll:)
And give your google account also below. So I can add you immediately.
Greetings Topanga x

nails paper

Paint your nails like you but do not know how and what color?
Here's how to make paper Nails. Hoppe hope you find it fun. :) Reply
Each week / month am I doing something around nails;)


Greetings Topanga x

New Killah

Do you like the new Killah??
Greetings Topanga x

Voile Bridal

Do you like this collection???
Greetings Topanga x

woensdag 18 april 2012

Hotbuys Pleather Skirt

Do you like????
Shop: Fallen Angel
For 17stardollars :O
Real: Marc Jacobs♥
Greetings Topanga x

Free: Blazer!

DO you like♥
 Go to
 Write in and log in
 Change the link to
. You come on a disney page, leave the proxy and the bag should be in your suite!
Greetings Topanga x

New Spectacular!

Do you like???
Greetings Topanga x♥