woensdag 11 april 2012

decades part2

The decades part2 the new floors!!!
greetings Topanga x

NCG rihannetjx

Me other doll rihannetjx
would be NCg :-)
Have a question:
Vote for rihannetjx 
Her is the link
she dreams of already super long! and this way I help her! So vote for her
Greetings Topanga 
I hope that she win!!!!

new floor on: decades

There is a new floor on decades.
Do you like the clothes??

Greetings Topanga x

Video of the month

There is another video of the month. Today it is:
Carly rea Jespon
Call me mabey
I hope that you like :-)
Greetings Topanga x

New D-Signed Clothes Released

New collection D-signed
Only availeble with the link:

Greetings Topanga x

dinsdag 10 april 2012

50% Extra Stardollars

Now you get 50% more Stardollars, when you buy a Superstarmembership:
Do you like??
Greetings Topanga x

Hotbuys Bird Dress released

Price : 19 sd
Shop : Bizou
Do you like??? x
Greetings Topanga x