vrijdag 6 april 2012

Free Egg basket

If you are from Sweden Click here
If you're not from Sweden
Go to a Swedish proxy like
Paste the contest link into the blank box of the proxysite
Hit Enter on keyboard
Log into Stardoll
Choose one of your photos, click on it.
Click Send To Competition button.
You can now leave the proxy and go to Stardoll as usual.
The egg basket should be in a box in your suite. :)

Greetings Topanga x

Free NRT gift dog

If you are from the Uk click here.
If your not Follow these steps
First go to a proxy like slygeek.com/.
Second Paste this link into the URL bar 
Hit enter on your keyboard.
Log into stardoll
Click the enter competition button (You don't have to write anything in the boxes)
Leave the proxy and dog should be in your suite.

Greetings Topanga x

New banner

This is me new banner!
DO you like it??
Comment plzzzz :)
If the banner is nice I can make it for you. Put your name below or go to my guestbookand put there or I do.
It may be a while before it is finished
Greetings Topanga

free easter palm

First go to: http://surfert.nl/
Second, typ in de box : www.stardoll.com
third, log in.
Forth, typ in de box: www.stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=2508
and participate at the contest.
Greetings Topanga x

free jacket and bag

Go to www.unblocker.biz or www.militaryprox.info or www.uhuf.com or www.slygeek.com or www.goproxing.com
Type in the proxy URL, www.stardoll.com and log in.
Replace the proxy URL with: 
You should be redirected to a campaign page
For the bag, choose a friend from the dropout thing (I've forgotten what it's called), in the bottom right corner and click Invite.
For the jacket, like the page by pressing the Like button in the top left corner.
Log out of the proxy and the gifts should be in your suite.

Greetings Topanga x

donderdag 5 april 2012

degrassi the next generation

I Love degrassi the next generation
Do you love it????
Who do you think the cutest?? COMMENT!!!


Greetings Topanga x

HB Lace Up Leggings

There is a HB Lace up Leggings.
 Fallen Angel and 15sd
REAL Black Milk Clothing:
DO you like it???
Greetings Topanga x

LE decor is OUT

Le decor is OUT!
DO you like it???
Greetings Topanga x

Hotbuy disco top released.

There is a New Hot buy disco top released.
Do you like???
Greetings Topanga x


There is a New decor on sd.
DO you  like??
Greetings Topanga x

free emerald neclase


The necklace should be in your Beauty Parlor.
If you are from anywhere else, you'll have to use a web proxy, go to: webproxy.ru orfetcher.ru/proxer/ or uu.tj

Type this into the bar:

Hit Enter and log into Stardoll. Answer the quiz questions and click 'Enter competition'. When the page loads, you can leave the proxy. The necklace should be in your Beauty Parlor.
Greetings Topanga x

Free Lorus Clock

There is a FREE Lorus Clock
if you are from the UK click HERE to go to the contest page, scroll down and click 'To Official Site. If you are from a different country use a UK proxy like slygeek.com/ or goproxing.com/

Paste this link into the proxy URL bar:

Now log in. Scroll down, then click 'To Official Site'. You will be taken to the Lorus site, but you can click off after the page has loaded.

Greetings Topanga x

New Polished and sprinkled

There is a new floor on Polished and sprinkled.
Do you like????
Greetings Topanga x

new archive

There is a New archive.
DO you like it???
Greetings Topanga x

New Additions To Bonjour Bizou!

There is a new additions to bonjour Bizou.
Do you like it?
There are some new items added to Bonjour Bizou. Not that many new items yet but a few more may be added in the coming days. The main reason I wanted to make a post about it was to show you these gorgeous McQueen inspired ring clutch bags which I think are well worth buying!
Greetings Topanga x

Free article for 6years old stardoll

There is a free article of stardoll.
Do you like it?
Greetings Topanga x